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"A refreshing method of self-inquiry and transformation. Highly effective for changing behavioural patterns."

~ Sindre, Embodiment Coach, Norway

Yoga can be practical too

Yoga has evolved massively over the years.

Today, many people are posing just for Instagram likes or taking the spiritual side to new heights.

But what if yoga was more down-to-earth and practical?

Imagine if you could quickly shift your mood or alter your state without rolling out your mat or breaking a sweat?

Poses with real-life applications for day-to-day challenges.

This is where Embodied Yoga Principles comes in.

We brought it into the 21st Century

Embodied Yoga Principles (EYP) is a system of 26 poses giving you practical, real-world tools for all kinds of situations.

Whether it’s struggling with confidence and leadership, needing to be more open and playful at home, or struggling with boundaries – EYP gives you fast and effective ways to manage your state and handle situations from a better place.

As coaches and teachers, this stuff is seriously powerful and adds a new layer of depth to your facilitation.

In these 60-minute masterclasses you’ll learn:


Powerful state-altering tools to use in your own life


How to use these tools with clients and students to gain deep insights


How to develop an ongoing personal practice for yourself and your clients

Who are these masterclasses for?

Coaches & Trainers

Looking to expand their existing toolkit to shake up their client work

Yoga Teachers

Who want to add an extra layer of depth to their practice and classes.

Everyday humans

Wanting effective tools with immediate results for everyday challenges.

What we’ll cover

When you register we will send you links to your sessions so you can view anytime within 6 days.

Day 1

Giving pose: Share your gifts


Julie Martin: Language and Embodiment


Simon Borg-Olivier: The secret formula to get into any pose

Day 2

Letting go pose: Release resentment and frustration

Evaluation pose: Learn discernment

Authority pose: Lead with confidence

Receiving pose: Feel worthy

Transcendence pose: Rise above the BS

Day 3

Inner pose: Block out the world

Entering pose: Move forward courageously

Yes pose: Learn deep acceptance

Surrender pose: Active quitting

Inspiration pose: Be uplifted

Day 4

Stand pose: Be unapologetically clear

No pose: Build firm boundaries

Taking space pose: Be comfortable in the spotlight

Care pose: Develop your nurturing

Sensuality pose: Be shamelessly erotic (WARNING!)

Day 5

Vulnerability pose: Discover your innocent side

Death pose: Explore your mortality (WARNING!)

Rest pose: Actually learn to pause

Openness pose: Be more accepting

Joker pose: Embrace your playfulness

Day 6

Pushing pose: Develop drive

Enthusiasm pose: Learn to connect with enthusiasm

Support pose: Learn to look after yourself sustainably

Warrior pose: Live with fierceness

Self-care pose:
Self-love for everyone

Some poses you’ll learn

Taking space pose

To help you be confident in life and comfortable being in the spotlight.

‘Support’ pose

For understanding the importance of both giving and accepting support.

Care Pose

For connecting with what you need to care for or look after most.

Your masterclass teachers

Special guest

Simon Borg-Olivier

Yoga teacher & Physiotherapist at Yoga Synergy

Simon is the co-founder and owner of Yoga Synergy and has over three decades experience teaching yoga, inspiring people all around the world.

Special guest

Julie Martin

Yoga Teacher & Teacher-Trainer at Brahmani Yoga

Julie teaches yogis how to break free from linear yoga and invites practices that
embraces individuality and curiosity and are based on a sensory experience.

Christina Dohr

Embodiment coach and somatic educator

Christina guides people towards authentic expression and empowered relationships. She is an Aikido black belt turned passionate dancer with a background in social sciences.

Jamie Lynn

Embodied Yoga Teacher & Intimacy Coach

Jamie inspires ALIVENESS in all relationships through honest communication, deep curiosity and playful somatic enquiries.

Patricia Aguirre

Yoga Teacher & Family Constellation Facilitator

Patricia has been a yogi and meditator for almost two decades. She is passionate about sharing deep spiritual work from a very grounded and earthly experience.

Anouska Anderson

Dancer & Embodied Yoga Principles Teacher

As a long-time yogi, dancer and climber, Anouska specialises in teaching yoga for dancers and climbers along with pre and post-natal yoga and injury recovery and management

Mark Walsh

Mr. Embodiment

Mark is the author of Embodiment – Moving Beyond Mindfulness and Working with the Body in Training and Coaching, founder of Embodied Facilitator Course and Embodiment Unlimited.

Sarah Liljegren

Embodied Yoga Teacher & Holistic Herbalist

Sarah came to embodiment through nature connection and holistic nutrition, and sees movement as part of a holistic healthy lifestyle. She has a passion for plants and relationships, and helps people connect with nature and all the elements of themselves.

Karin van Maanen

Embodied Yoga Principles Embodied Facilitator Course trainer

Karin is a yoga & meditation teacher with an MSc in Mindfulness Studies, and has been teaching compassion-based mindfulness full-time since 2008.

Melissa Gutierrez

Body Witch and Yoga Teacher

Melissa is a science-minded practicing witch who is dedicated to helping connect to their intuition through the power of movement.


Senior Embodied Yoga Principles Teacher

A web designer, father and author who shares Buddhist inspired embodiment-based practices and mindfulness-based hatha yoga with groups and individuals to facilitate body and mind transformation.

Erika Chalkley

Embodiment Educator, Somatic Coach & Meditation Teacher

Erika is dedicated to helping women break free of ‘niceness’, step into their authority and live according to their own rules.

Jane Dancey

Embodiment Coach and Somatic Yoga Teacher

Jane specialises in supporting and accompanying women through transitional stages of life. From menarche to menopause and is the creator of The Embodied Female Pelvis online course.

Maša Nobilo

Feldenkrais Practitioner and Hatha Yoga Teacher

Maša is a sleep coach whose work focuses on helping people get consistently restful sleep and lead purposeful lives by tapping into the transformative power of movement and awareness.

Laura Ward

Laban Movement Analyst and Somatic Movement Educator

Laura’s special interests are experiential anatomy, micro movement, and creativity. She works in dance, theatre, fitness, and somatics.

Tess Howell

5 Rhythms Teacher, Dharma and Yoga Facilitator

Tess is an artist, art therapist, writer, accomplished contemporary dance producer and the founder of Wild Moves, which uses ‘silent disco’ headsets to facilitate conscious dance classes outdoors in areas of wild beauty.

Antonia Osipova

Embodiment Facilitator, Trainer & Mindfulness Instructor

Main EYP representative in Russia. Antonia works with adult development in personal consulting, teaching specialists online & offline, organising embodied & art events.

What other yogis, coaches, and humans say

“Embodied yoga helped me bring more creativity into my yoga classes.”

Pilar, Hatha Yoga Teacher, Spain

“EYP added an extra layer to all of my work and projects.”

Sarah, Yoga Teacher, USA

“This improved my regular yoga practice and teaching, giving it a new energy.

Laura Sonntag, Yoga Teacher, Canada

“Nothing in the yoga world served my needs until EYP.”

Heather, Yoga Teacher, USA

“It gets your life onto the yoga mat, and yoga into your life.

Maria, EYP instructor, Moscow

“It opened up a lot of enquiry for me personally and those I practice with.” 

Shirley, Yoga Teacher, UK

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