All times are UK times. When you add the sessions to your calendar, they will be automatically converted into your calendar’s local time. 

Sunday 23rd May

18:00 – Giving pose: Share your gifts

For people who want to contribute to the world.


22:00 – Julie Martin: Language and Embodiment

Experience how language used to take us through movement and stillness impacts our sense of self at the same time so that we bring the body and mind into a curious dialogue free of judgement.


02:00 – Simon Borg-Olivier: The secret formula to get into any pose

Learn how to get into any pose without breaking a sweat.

Monday 24th May

09:00 – Letting go pose: Release resentment and frustration

For people who need to let go of the past.

12:00 – Evaluation pose: Learn discernment

For people who need to think before acting.

18:00 – Authority pose: Lead with confidence

For leaders and aspiring leaders.

22:00 – Receiving pose: Feel worthy

For people who need to learn to receive nourishment.

02:00 – Transcendence pose: Rise above the BS

For people who get too caught up in the world.

Tuesday 25th May

09:00 – Inner pose: Block out the world

For people who need more time to themselves.

12:00 – Entering pose: Move forward courageously

For people who need help getting started.

18:00 – Yes pose: Learn deep acceptance

For people who want to let beauty in.

22:00 – Surrender pose: Active quitting

For people who need to let go of control.

02:00 – Inspiration pose: Be uplifted

For people who want to be more inspired.

Wednesday 26th May

09:00 – Stand pose: Be unapologetically clear

For people who need to stand up for themselves.

12:00 – No pose: Build firm boundaries

For people who are too nice.

18:00 – Taking space pose: Be comfortable in the spotlight

For people who need to be seen.

22:00 – Care pose: Develop your nurturing

For people who care too much.

02:00 – Sensuality pose: Be shamelessly erotic (WARNING!)

For people with unclaimed sexuality.

Thursday 27th May

09:00 – Vulnerability pose: Discover your innocent side

For those who struggle with vulnerability.

12:00 – Death pose: Explore your mortality (WARNING!)

For people who want more meaning.

18:00 – Rest pose: Actually learn to pause

For people who need to learn to take it easy.

22:00 – Openness pose: Be more accepting

For people who need to be more accepting.

02:00 – Joker pose: Embrace your playfulness

For people who need to take life less seriously.

Friday 28th May

09:00 – Pushing pose: Develop drive

For people who wanna access power.

12:00 – Enthusiasm pose: Learn to connect with enthusiasm

For people who want more passion.

18:00 – Support pose: Learn to look after yourself sustainably

For people who support others.

22:00 – Warrior pose: Live with fierceness

For people who wanna kick a**e.

02:00 – Self-care pose:
Self-love for everyone

For people who need to look after themselves.